Aircraft Performance Calculator

Aircraft Performance Calculator for iPads

Designed and built for pilots by pilots.

Maverick is built with safety, precision and ease of use in mind. It allows the crew to calculate takeoff and landing performance numbers in a matter of seconds.

Using the AFM and worldwide runway data, and by automatically applying METAR information, Maverick makes these calculations a breeze.

Some of the calculations made by Maverick include:

  • V1, V2, VR, VFS, %N1, Takeoff Distance, Climb Gradients
  • VREF, VAC, Landing Distance (factored and unfactored.)
  • Takeoff, approach and landing gradients
  • Effects of weight, configuration and runway surface conditions

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Maverick is designed to take full advantage of modern hardware and software development methodologies.

Weight & Balance

A super simple user interface allows for quick and easy loading of passengers, cargo and fuel.

Worldwide Database

No need to look for runway data anywhere else - you have a database of 30000+ runways at your fingertips.

METAR Integration

Why manually enter the weather, when Maverick can use the latest METAR and do it for you?

Send a report

Send the takeoff numbers to dispatch with a press of a button.

Flight Planning Integration

Pull your flight planned weights, pax and fuel amounts directly from your flight planning software.

Fleet Management

Our product also comes with a versatile control panel where one can manage the company fleet.

Weight & Balance

Calculating Weight and Balance have never been easier before.

By simply tapping on the station you'd like to fill out, and setting fuel weights, Maverick automatically calculates Zero Fuel Weight, Takeoff Weight, Landing Weight, and the Center of Gravity (or %MAC) for each stage of the flight.

The station configuration is centrally managed through the admin console, which allows the chief pilot or the system administrator to make any changes to the aircraft configuration and push it to the iPads running the software.

Worldwide Runway Database

Maverick comes with a worldwide databse of 30,000+ runways.

The pilot has access to information such as runway heading, elevation, length and slope, and has the ability to choose between any available runway without manually entering the aforementioned data.

The runway data is available offline, so not having internet connection does not change a thing!

METAR Integration

To avoid human error and save time, Maverick will pull the latest METAR for departure and arrival airports, and will automatically adjust the performance numbers according to the weather conditions obtained from the report.

Should the weather change between when the METAR was obtained and the takeoff (or landing,) either a new METAR could be pulled, or a simple manual adjustment will be sufficient to accurately compute the numbers according to the latest conditions.

If the airport does not have a metar, or if the device is offline, the user can always enter the weather information manually.

Send takeoff numbers

Being a legal requirement, leaving behind weight and balance numbers for takeoff is very important. Maverick solves this elegantly, by allowing the pilots to send the takeoff calculcation report to the dispatch with a press of a button.

Flight Planning Integration

If you are using any major flight planning vendor, like ForeFlight,, etc. then you're in for a treat.

Maverick integrates with these services, which allows the pilot or the responsible person to see and use the flight planned pax and fuel directly in Maverick, instead of manually punching in the fuel and loading the passengers.

This allows no mistakes to be made between the official flight plan and the calculated performance numbers, not to mention the ease of use and efficiency.

Fleet Management

Maverick allows the operator to manage all of its fleet from one convenient location. Seat configuration change, weight alteration, or any other changes are a few clicks away. This allows a centralized control over your fleet, and reduces administrative burden.

Furthermore, a single iPad can be used in any aircraft, since all of the company's fleet is available on any device that company owns.

Any changes made by the administrator or the chief pilot to any of the airplanes will be downloaded to all the company devices next time it's connected to the internet.

Currently supported aircraft

Don't see your aircraft? Give us a shout and we'll add it for you.

Gulfstream G100

Gulfstream G280

Beech 1900

King Air 200

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Safety.

The main reason we decided to give Maverick to the world is to make it a safer place. As much of a marvel the human brain is, when it comes to calculating numbers and dealing with cumbersome charts, it cannot compare to the power of a modern computer.
On top of this add the stress of dealing with cumbersome and yet expensive software. Software should be enjoyable to use, instead of feeling like it was built when the Wright brothers took off for the first time, and costing as much as a full tank of jet fuel.
We've all been in this situation, when things change quickly, in the last possible moment. Last minute runway change, or changes in weather or payload. Well, since all you need is right there at your fingertips, you have one less thing to worry about. We built Maverick so that small last minute changes could be made seamlessly and effortlessly. Precision is cool.

2. Made for pilots, by pilots.

Everyone knows how high of a standard do pilots have when it comes to software. Well, Maverick is designed, built and tested by pilots themselves. Behind your software, stands an incredibly talented group of people with a unique set of experiences. Just imagine what you would end up with when you mix decades of international jet operations and building mission critical software.

3. Affordability.

We believe that great software doesn't have to be expensive. Our business model allows us to be flexible and affordable, especially for those who cannot afford unreasonably expensive solutions out there.
Short answer - in several different ways.
Every dollar matters in our industry. No need to make conservative guesses anymore. Know exactly how much payload and fuel you can afford to take given the latest environmental conditions.
Since the app is very simple and intuitive to use, you also save time during the pre flight, or while doing a quick turnaround, or you can use it way in advance of the flight, from the comfort of your home. Unlike other software solutions in this space, we do not charge for additional devices.Yes, this is true! You can have as many devices as you need.

Not enough?
Have a look at your pricing plans. We offer an unbeatable price for a tool that any crew would be thankful for!
If you are a chief pilot or a fleet manager, you are in for a treat.
First of all, you get a simple, yet robust admin panel where you can manage your fleet. This includes changing the weights, seating configuration, and several other parameters. For example, with a click of a button you can instantly change the airplane's configuration from cargo to medevac.
Secondly, all the airplanes and the data calculation associated with them is standardized. This means that the app will look and feel the same, no matter which airplane you are working with. This eliminates all sorts of confusion, complexity, and generally makes the fleet management extremely easy.
Lastly, it goes without saying that having a firm control over the small changes that happen inside of the fleet is a key to any safe operation. Small things are what tend to get away from our attention, and can lead to ruined weekends. The admin panel allows strict control over the changes, which only a designated person can make. The actual users of the app, will simply receive these changes over the air. For example, a change in Basic Operating Weight, seating arrangement change, and so forth.
Please contact our team to determine the availability of your aircraft. If we do not currently have your aircraft in our database, build time for a new aircraft/engine performance model usually takes two to three weeks.
1. Create an account at

2. Add aircraft into your fleet.

3. Download the app from the App Store.

4. Log in using the account you have created.

And as always, if you have any questions about any of this, please reach out to us! We're here to help.

Yes, Maverick is approved for operational use by Transport Canada.

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Maverick is offered on an annual basis. Prices are per tail number. Reach out for large fleet discounts.



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